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For many, baking is a form of art and an age old gesture to convey appreciation, love and friendship and that is how it all began. 

From friends to fundraisers these scones serve a purpose.

A portion of all scone sales have been and will always be donated to a reputable charity, and that is what fuels this humble endeavor.

The Jones Family


That our lemons are home grown and organic? Yes they are! That means any of the  scones containing lemon has that extra fresh goodness of a fresh picked lemon! That whenever possible, scone ingredients will be bought from local growers. That every scone made with nuts has a homemade nut filling using organic almonds or walnuts and local honey. That scones are extremely low in sugar? Yes! they contain a very small amount, meaning it's okay to indulge:) And last but not least yet so important to say, did you know that we support  our veterans and will GLADLY donate to any Veteran ceremonies. One of the most meaningful days of the year for us is Veterans Day. Since 2016 we have provided all baked goods for the ceremonies held at our elementary school. This is a special day and we look forward to the honor of serving those that have served this country. God Bless America, it truly is the land of the free and home of the brave.

Pink Feathers
  • Do you take special orders or requests?
    We do ! Is there a special scone flavor you want? Do you want scones for a special event? Just send me an email at and let me know what you had in mind and we will let you know how we can help.
  • Do you ship your scones?
    Unfortunately ! we don't at this point.
  • Do you help charities or school groups raise money?
    We do ! That's what compelled us to move forward and we put a high priority on continuing that with our business. Please send an email to with details on your organization and what you're trying to accomplish.


Tel: (760) 809-5912

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